Historical Fiction: Chapter II
Ella Hunt, DM Stith, Steve Salett

with special guests:

Thomas Bartlett, Piano; Josh Kaufman, Guitar; Annie Nero, Bass; Ben Troken, Drums & Percussion

Historical Fiction Records is a record label and production company that produces, curates, and distributes vibrant new music.

DM Stith’s unique voice bridges the space between quailing sadness and featherlight joy. A singer-songwriter and visual artist currently living in Rochester, New York, Stith has explored his expressive vocal range on a variety of projects including two solo albums (Heavy Ghost and Pigeonheart), a full album collaboration with John Mark Lapham of The Earlies (The Revival Hour’s Scorpio Little Devil), and two orchestral song cycles with NYC based composers Sarah Kirkland Snider (Unremembered) and Judd Greenstein (My City), as well as a slew of collaborations with Son Lux, My Brightest Diamond and Sufjan Stevens.


Ella Hunt is a song-writer, musician, and actor whose debut EP, Triptych, fearlessly explores song form and intimacy though vocal layering and minimalist orchestration.  Hunt’s conversational lyrics invite feelings of a hiding place: messy, warm, homemade; like a secret being whispered in your ear. Her work as an actor includes the role of Sue Gilbert in the acclaimed AppleTV series Dickinson and the upcoming saga Horizon, directed by Kevin Costner.              

Steve Salett is a song-writer, producer, and musical advisor whose work has been praised as “Picturesque songs about the broken-hearted” (BrooklynVegan). From early work in The Kelley Deal 6000 and Deformo to the pop stylings of The King of France and heartbreak of The Poison Tree, Salett has honed a songwriting craft steeped in authenticity. A believer in musical community building, Salett runs Reservoir Studios in Manhattan and the Saltmines studio complex in DUMBO, Brooklyn. With the founding of Historical Fiction Records Salett hopes to continue to support exciting and creative musicians by constantly striving to answer the question “What if?”.

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